Rogue State


Robert Allan - Vocals/Synths/Programming/Sampling
Max Guy - Guitars/Background Vocals
Mr Sin is rumoured to be playing Bass live


Rogue State, the primary project of Robert Allan with Max Guy (of Hellborne) on guitar, is a mix of dark electronics, heavy riffing, pulsing beats and distorted vocals.

The first album 'A New Beginning' was recorded in Palmerston North.  Best described as industrial with lyrics exploring the mind, religion, politics, ecology and spirituality, 'A New Beginning' was born of grey clad days and rain soaked nights.  A cold and bleak soundtrack for a dark future.

A second release of work is near to completion, starker in its outlook, and more precise in its delivery, with vastly improved production, the majority of which was written and recorded in Perth, Western Australia in the most opposite kind of climate.  The themes of this work are a lot more personal with a small glimmer of hope, a reflective study of ones mind and self.


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Rogue State - A New Beginning
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