Rogue State

Rogue State - A New Beginning

The sound created by the Rogue State duo comprises of grinding chugging guitar riffs ontop of busy synth arpeggios, dark pads and pulsing, pounding beats.  Robs vocals are usually distorted or abused in some way and samples of noise add further to the mayhem.  Two albums (at least!!!) worth of material has been recorded, the first of which has been released and entitled 'A New Beginning'.


01. Cain

02. A Convincing Truth

03. Flood

04. Your Town Next

05. A New Beginning

06. Madman

07. Worn

08. Climb

09. Storm

10. A Reason For Abortion

11. Surge


You can listen to any of the tracks off this album, or even purchase the MP3's from Amplifier HERE


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