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Ok guys, as you may have seen there is a forum set up for active members contributing to Slave in one or another. This isn't a secret ninja/Jedi group with cool gadgets and shit, its a working forum for posting of serious and private (ie not public) ideas and or planning.
If you want to cotribute to Slave as afew of you said you may, in the 'What can I do for Slave'thread, then this is your chance to step up.

So if you are a photographer,artist, musician, engineer, have access to services that we could use eg industrial printers,cd pressing, whatever PM me, and let me know what you are offering. and we can throw you in.

This is not for time wasters though, if you PM me for entry you will be given a job of some kind and held to it. If the job you wanted is taken, we can still sort something out, Be it sharing the load or something else that may suit your talents,...anyone keen on cleaning my toilet twice a week?


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