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Massive THANKS to SKOLL for putting SKVMFEST on. Cheers for letting my band Obscenity get in on the gig (it happened to be our last one ever). Fucking rad-as show with a deece-as turnout. I filmed a bit of everyband so will shove them onto this thread once I've uploaded them to youtube in the next few days. Enjoy.

Band 1: Parched (now apparently known as EAT GLASS??). ...

Band 2: Obscenity ... e=youtu.beCheers to Adam Thompson (Farming The Population) for filming our set while I was playing.

Band 3: Graves ...

Band 4: High Risk Manouvre ...

Band 5: Trepanation ...

Band 6: Boltcutter ...

Band 7: Sabbatic Goat ...

Band 8: Numbskvll ... MA&index=2

Band 9: Malevolence ... MA&index=1

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cheers man, Looked like a pretty good gig. Will we be getting to see some Auckland shows next year then? :)

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