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Graves: 1st time seeing them live. Bascially the same dudes as Shitripper but minus 1 guitarist and a different singer (than the 2 in Shitripper). Fast oldschool hardcore I'd suppose. Pretty deece 10 minute set.

Shitripper: I've seen Shitripper many a times and have always enjoyed them but their set this night seemed a bit "flat" compared to previous experiences. Pretty cool how both singers were on the audience floor as no room was left on stage for them to run around.

Odiousembowl: Funny as fuck set for a death-grind band. Drummer is the hardest hitting motherfucker and pretty quick too around the kit. Song titles are crackup as.

NASUM: 10/10!!! Fucking incredible set! I'm sure they busted out the 32 songs they've been playing on this entire tour. I was in grindcore-heaven the entire time they were playing and fully lost my mind during SCOOP (favourite NASUM song of mine). Really good pit action for a Tuesday night (singer managed to instigate quite a few circle pits - well done Auckland). 1 of the guitarists was pretty overwhelmed by the experience and was in tears at the end of the set. I have finally seen the big-three grind bands on my checklist (Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Nasum). R.I.P. Nasum. Thanks for all the wonderful music.

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10 minute set?

Would you like some making fuck BEZERKER!

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