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Really small turn-out for this but a sweet show good way to catch the Methadonnas first live show I remember a few of their tunes from their first jams at Bryant St but to see and hear them as a 3-piece and with audible vocals was awesome great set of catchy, dirty rock can't wait for the next installment!
Third time I've seen Trees in the past few weeks and they are really starting to grow on me :roll: ! Just as good without a bass player as they are with one and the Rabble song was an hilarious standout as always amoung some pretty good pop-punk inspired tracks they show some good song-writing skills especially the slightly more serious sounding songs amongst a fair amount of piss-taking.
BC were awsome as usual with a really good mix courtisy of Mr Black which really highlighted the 4-piece vocal arrangements.
Churs to all concerned!

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I was keen to see what Methadonnas were like with Crag playing in them,
It's been along time since he's played in a band I wasn't in with us being in Scourge of Tussin prior to Neckstretchers. :D Hopefully I'll see them before too long.

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