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Cephalapod were awesome although I had to observe their set from the door but sounded sweet can't wait for their next show maybe a new bass player by then?
WOS on stage sound was best I've had for a while at Royal monitors not really there but thats what you get with Warfdales. I think we nailed 'Too Deep' was highlight of our set for me.
Amachine were fucking amazing I thought they were good last time I saw them in town last year but they blew me away again sweet as blend of groove and brutality and tight as!
Cyclotrode X were awesome as usual loud and heavy perfect way to end the night good to hear talk of a return to the Swamp soon.

Good times all around hotboxing the toilets and endless sessions all night cheers Andy for setting up a sweet show and to Trousers for doing a great job on sound also thanks to Nigel for the RHPL and Cyclotrode discs.
Anyone get photos?

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I had a sweet time at the show even though I was doing door most of the night.

Cheers to Jay, Ben and Aaron for lending equipment and cheers to all the bands for playing.

Cephalopod: I sincerely hope people enjoyed our set. Twas very weird not having a bass player but we soldiered on nonetheless (not keen to play without a bass player ever again tbh).
I was having massive problems with my double kick pedal so I really screwed up the tempos on the 3rd song called "Mechanics Of Deceit." Managed to run backstage and get a replacement part so things seemed to have gotten back on track as far as drum equipment goes.

W.O.S.: Mean set I thought. I could hear Jay's guitar so easy since it was pointed from stage-right to stage-left(?). Always entertaining, ALWAYS.

Amachine: Pretty cool set from where I was standing (at the main entrance). Very heavy set.

Cyclotrode-X: I don't care what anyone says or thinks - Cyclotrode-X play fucking entertaining as music. I was smiling, giggling and laughing the entire time of their set so I was stoked with them.

Fucking great night.

9/10 (Attendence numbers were pretty good but could've been better).

I didn't manage to take any photos this night.

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Was a good night, though I turned up a bit late after friday had started late and managed to miss Cepalapod, I caught half of WOS set which was another solid set of rock n' roll. Enjoyed Amachine Deathy styles again after seeing them in the Hutt in April and was cool to check out Cylcotrode X again and get a t-shirt and the new Red Hot Pussy liquor CD. :)

Thrash n' Roll

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