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Watched this the other day,
It starts with footage from a festival in Japan in 1984 with Bon Jovi and other big names to be in the 80's metal scene, Says how "All of these bands went on to sell millions of records except for one" which is ANVIL.
It then moves forward to 2007 or 08 where they are about to go on a European tour and are getting ready to record there 13th or thereabouts album. Follows them through an entertaining, but not so succesful tour of Europe and then on to the UK to record the new album. It finally finishes with a return to Japan and what awaits them there after all these years.
The band almost splits up twice, once during the tour and once during recording (though both after about 5-6 weeks with each other which is hardly surprising). Individual moments of the film are pretty funny, but as a whole the movie is really fucken funny and relatable to for many a small time muso. (Though I thought Steve "lips" Kudlow seemed to care more about getting famous than playing rock n' roll).
METAL ON METAL! (seemed cheesey at the time but has been stuck in my head since.)

Thrash n' Roll

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