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This show was a total success! Congrats to Ben Topping for organizing an amazing show. About 65-70 playing punters and most of them had arrived by the time Ricky Bobby started playing. We stopped the door charge just after Ricky Bobby finished and there were people still trickling in during the last two bands.

Cephalopod: Hope people enjoyed what was essentially our 1st show (unless you count Alana's 21st at Bryant Street which was more of a warm up performance). Not too many mistakes. Felt pretty good about it.

Ricky Bobby: Cool set as always. This was the 1st time I'd seen them with Tyg on drums (Nerines drummer). He's got a different feel on the drums compared to Josh Bain but pulls off the material really well. Olly is always entertaining to watch as a frontman.

Black Chrome: Great set. New songs = 8) 8) 8)

Horror Story: Classic set. I don't give a fuck if you like Horror Story or not but they are always entertaining to watch. New drummer, Jack, handles the business really well.

Maybe it was because there hadn't been any shows for a while (since shit gets quite during Xmas) but I was EXTREMELY happy with the turnout. Mean times. Let's hope we get rather good turnouts for more shows here in Palmy North.

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Turned up at 10.30 to find an abandoned door. (Sweet didnt have to pay) Saw Black Chrome and Horror Story, highlight was impromptu set by Cyclotrode X.


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