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This was the 1st show I'd organized at Factory since July 31st 2010 (last ever Cervix show).

I'd forgotten the feeling of putting on a show and having it turn out quite successful in every respect. Good turnout and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Show managed to start around 6.20pm and finish bang on 9.30pm (twas a Sunday and this is what I'd hoped for).

Discorpse: Hope people enjoyed our set. Had a few timing issues during a couple of songs but hey - it happens.

XFrankGrimesX: Throughly enjoyed their set (I'd seen them already on Thursday and was well impressed). Short songs for people with short attention spans (like me). Fuck you Aiden - I can't get that god damn Cadbury Flake Theme songout of my head. Still trips me out that Aiden is hardcore yelling as opposed to what he did in Ois II Men and Hatewanx. Lance is the man on the drums!

Guilty Of What?: Easily the best set they've ever played. What a way to go out since it was their last show ever. Will see what arises out of the ashes of G.O.W?.

Dole Day Rage: Fucking sweet set. So sad to know that this was also their last show ever. I personally put DDR alongside Brubeck/Sommerset/Shortlived as my favourite punk/hardcore bands to come out of this country. You guys will be sorely missed. [Everyone should get theie hands on DDR new album - it's fucking bad-ass!]

Death Throes: Mint set! So stoked to see Nick again and the rest of the D.T. fullas. Josh has a mean fucking voice considering he's ownly doing backup vocals. Hope to see you fullas again sometime this year.

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Thanks for putting the show together Andy a gentleman as always, cheers to Discorpse, XFrankgrimesX, Dole Day Rage & Death Throes, i think i can speak for all of Guilty Of What? we had a blast & good to go out with a bang we had fucking fun, a big " Aye Up " to the Doomwhores for after show hospitality & finally a huge thank you to all those who helped & supported G.O.W? in anyway shape or form you know who you all are, fuckin stars, as for us Lana's off to Oz, go check out Mon's new band Discorpse they're sweet as, Ellen is a free spirited drummer & myself & J's new outfit Rattlesnake Prophecy will get it together sometime in the not so distant future. Guilty Of What? will release a 6 song record very soon & once again thank you one & all

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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I enjoyed all the bands that played on this night.
Unfortunatly missed Discorpse but will see them at some point.

I had a Guily of what? tune in my head for a few days after, dunno the names of yr songs tho.


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