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Wellington show was sweet as sorry we missed some of your set Graig, we got to see you up there though hope you guys had a good one at the White Hart, Black Lick i missed gasbagging & catching up, Gripper good stuff havn't seen them since the League 07 good all round set if you ever get the inclination to play Palmy North that would be sweet. GBH like being kicked in the head & brought back to life by your sex siren, full on energy (Trendwhore worded perfectly on the night now i forgot his words lol) played a great selection from 30 years 'No Survivors' one of my personnel favourites was a stand out amongst a blinding set & finishing with "White Riot' was sweet. Thanks Tim for another shit ripping night your a fucking legend yep gig of the year mate. As for the stink cunts who ran the roof to try/did get in without paying it's not big or clever this is not a multi million $ outfit where it doesn't matter that's money out of the kitty no money in the kitty means no more great bands coming out & we all loose the rest of us have to save up & make choices/sacrifices to get to show's. :drinking:


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