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Am currently on holiday in the UK and went to the show on Thursday night at the Electric Ballroom here in Camden (London).

Xerath: Missed their set entirely.

Leprous: Never heard any of their music before but I now know why Ihsahn employs these guys to be his backing band. Great musicians who kinda sound like a mixture of Arcturus, Meshuggah, and Opeth imo.

Shining: Not really a fan of theirs but fuck they put on one instense show. Main man is one talented mother-fucker (sings like a mad man possessed, plays an awesome saxophone and is one hell of a guitar player aswell).

Ihsahn: Still can't believe I actually witnessed seeing him live. Fucking AMAZING set!!! Played material from all 3 of his solos albums and 2 emperor songs (The Tongue Of Fire + Thus Spake the Night Spirit). Guitar sound was heavy as fuck with 3 Ibanez 8-string guitars all going. Drummer was pretty good recreating the drum parts on all of Ihsahn's albums considering he was playing on a 4-piece drum kit with only 1 Crash cymbal, 1 ride cymbal, 1 China an 1 set of hi-hats. He managed to put a hole through the bass drum skin during THE TONGUE OF FIRE. Am honored to have witness Ihshan's only UK date. Will remember this gig for a long time.

They sound of all the bands I thought was stellar. Whoever was mixing deserves a dozen Guiness in my books.


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Here's some footage someone else took of the show:

1st song: The Barren Lands ... ure=search


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