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Fucking sweet show.

Great turnout and all the bands played entertaining sets.

Cervix: Hope people enjoyed the set.

Black Lick: So glad I made good on my promise and finally got these guys to play the FACTORY. Have said it many a times but they are consistantly one of the tightest bands I have witnessed in recent times.

Ricky Bobby: Always THE killa-vibe-bringer band in Palmy North. Got the crowd moving as always. Guest vocals by Mitch and Callum always a sight to behold.

Half time Entertainment: Some bogan dude singing Master Of Puppets while Lungs guitarist playing the guitar riffs was FUCKING GOLD!!! I think this dude was having the time of his life at this show.

Lungs: Delivered a fantastic set. Tight as fuck performance and the dudes were some of the nicest people to have played at The FACTORY. Am honored you guys started your NZ tour here at THE FACTORY in good old Palmerston North. I didnt even realize that the Lungs drummer was Tom who used to play in the UGLYSTICK back in the day. I met him when NANA SQUAD used to throw shows at 85 Broadway. Welcome back to Palmy Tom! :-)

The Outsiders: This was their 4th time at the FACTORY and for me the the most entertaining and enjoyable of all the sets they have played at the FACTORY. Stu gave me a copy of their album so I had time to learn all their new material. Great crowd singalongs.

Good times. Good times.



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