Diamond Sutra


Liam Cody - Bass, programming, synth
Nic Mason - Guitar
Scott Meyers - Guitar
Tracey-Lynne Cody - Vocals & lyrics



A Swamp collaboration.

Background to the name: The Diamond Sutra is described as the world's earliest printed book, printed in 868 & found in the Thousand Buddha caves in China. The Sutra concerns Buddhist teachings on the matter of what makes a person great and asserts that all acts of ego are temporary, illusory and a person's worth is not found in these.

"Like a falling star, like a bubble in a stream,
Like a flame in the wind, like frost in the sun,
Like a flash of lightning or a passing dream --
So should you understand the world of the ego."

Listen to their music at http://diamondsutra.bandcamp.com


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