7.62 Short

7.62 SHORT - AK-47 Heavy Metal

This is one band that sees the struggle of this world and where it is headed.  This CD is full of phat riffs, beats, brutal vokill work and great use of samples.  You will notice the change of this band’s offering if you have heard 7.62 Short’s earlier work.  This little quartet is much heavier and phatter than they have ever been before.  This little plastic kicks of with the chunkiest metal track that has ever been invented in Palmy “Descent".  I personally like “The Woman Of Allah” the best.  Crowd fav seems to be “NOTHING THEY KNOW” (if your lucky enough then you’ll see the video to this track, which is as raw and as real as it can get… there’s no silly posing, all is captured from a gig that gets dismantled by a bunch of disrespectful pigs).  There are 4 great tracks to kick your butt with, this is one must have local offering.

- Review by S. Pandey


1. Descent

2. Nothing They Know

3. The Women of Allah

4. Syphon


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