Black Chrome

Black Chrome - Live To Air '04

Black Chrome is a name you want to severely burn into your memory. I resist to classify this mind bending impressively fluid band. There album which is live to air broadcast from Radio Control 99.4 fm has a savage hardcore howl in vocals that presage a rough-edged style voice that gains an aura of overworked anguish as each song develops.

Underneath a metallic and dissipated bass rumble the slamming frequency of riffs come together in linear structures dropped into structural rhythms for integration into a song of different textures conspiring on a theme.

The intensity of this music comes in the ability of each riff to hold tension through its progress and then work only conclusions in brutal slamming finality, often leaving the tension as an ongoing theme from the opening blast beat to the fading polyrhythmic chaotic rumble of the last track.

Black Chrome certainly will have me front row and begging for more, there live performance leaves you uncertain if you are human or not, gut wretching tunes that purify the mind in the most sinful way… Chrome’s mind gagging explosive formation is one you will want to keep your eye on this year and see where these guys are heading and if we can come…

Review by Milly Shilly


1. Pearl Necklace

2. Daphne is a Punk

3. Gang of 3

4. Centurion of Hardcore

5. Free Peep from the Gutter

6. Emily

7. Swamp Town Blues

8. Uncle Charlie Blow


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