Wall Of Silents

Wall of Silents - Demon Demo

The not so silent four piece J (Guitar), Skeletor (Vox), Aaron (Drums), Ben (Bass) give off a unique aware sound that leaves you absolutely gagging for more.  From the primordial ruins of metal a band returns to the original components and then evolves themselves again into a new sound, differentiating the “scene” with something that makes good on the melodic epic blasting promise of Skeletor within the context of classically-inspired, hardcore-fueled high energy riffs.

Charging riffs are written as the melody, in a stream of chords is played to nail the major boundaries of each tempo and so to express in silhouette the building harmony that will mutate in the coming stream of riffs taking each thematic conflict from a state of compression and exploding it upon the unsuspecting listeners…Nice overflow of lyrics, the songs are not busy yet not dreary offering a compromise of all sounds uniting into one thrash setup of unique sounding metal......

I hope this four piece continues the legacy of raw and rudimentary metal effects aspiring to atmospheric and experimental new heights.

Review by Milly Shilly


1. Nightmare

2. Coast to Coast

3. Fuck Off!

4. Billion

5. Overthrown

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